Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well the school year is over... FINALLY??? ... or... ALREADY??? A little bit of both. Glad to have it over, but yet it went SO unbelievably fast this year! We ended our year with a game against New Mexico at home, therefore it was also Senior Tribute Day. We decorated their lockers and had a "toast" before the game. We made these awesome scrapbooks for all of them where we all made our own pages and wrote letters to them of memories and why they are so fantastic :). After our game we had a big LUAU at Staci's house with all the families! The food was AMAZING and entertainment of the night was big SUMO wrestling suits! The party sure was a blast, but also where we all had to say our goodbyes... some for only a few months, and some for ever. I think the end came so fast it shocked us all! I don't know how ready we all were for the end and for the goodbyes. But never-the-less it came. It was definitely a bitter sweet day.

I can't believe it's my turn next year.

We will all miss and love you SENIORS!