Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jon Schmidt Christmas Concert!

On Saturday me and my mom went to the Jon Schmidt Christmas Concert!! It was AWESOME!!! I love Jon Schmidt! He is SO incredibly talented. It amazes me. We had great seats.. fourth row, dead center! Perfect view! :) & Jon Schmidt's Mom was sitting right behind us. Among his many performances including (click on the links to watch)

I was just hoping and hoping that he would play "Love Story Meets Viva La Vida" (Taylor Swift & Coldplay)... an amazing arrangement he put together .... AND HE DID!!!! I was excited! But I am STILL waiting for the sheet music to come out so that I can learn it. Here are some pics of the event!

Yes, He is playing upside down.... Incredible.

Playing with his toes... haha.

The Workman's House in Stansbury Park did a light show to his song "North Pole Express". He shows it in his concert while he plays the song.

His cute little girl Sarah, that he wrote "Love Story meets Viva La Vida" for, came out and sang a christmas song.

Hair Do's

SO.. the other night I was babysitting my little cousin's and was a little bored and so I decided to try these little girl hairstyles on them that I came across on a blog one day.
Here are the finished Products.....

Christmas #1

December 6th We had our Team Christmas Party in our Pajamas and ate Christmas morning breakfast... for dinner!
It was great! We all exchanged gifts with our "Secret Sister" and the best part.....


So, here is my new glove, first baseman's mitt, and bat I will be sportin this spring season! :)
First Baseman's Mitt... I didn't get to choose this one, I probably would have chosen a diff one.

2010 Easton Synergy 34" 24 oz

Mind you the "MASSIVE SWEET SPOT" ... oh and it is massive! ;) haha

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I absolutely love this video!
It is truly humbling to feel of His great love!!! I am SO grateful for His atonement and for the trials that he places in our path for us to be humbled and turn to Him, for He is the only way, and the ONLY thing that will be there when everything else might not be. I Love my Savior with ALL of my heart and am SO grateful for His atonement and the mercy He gives!!

What Heaven Sees In You/Three White Dresses