Sunday, July 19, 2009


SO... I have been kind of a slacker blogging this summer. However, I have been keeping busy. To avoid a huge, unnecessary paragraph I will list the things I have been doing this summer in smaller paragraphs...(which aren't many because as you know.. my life generally consists of the same things.. all revolving around softball)! :)

1. I am taking summer classes. (That's right.. no break for the summer :-/) I am doing this because my major is 5 semesters and so in order to graduate at the end of my senior year (Spring 2010) I need to get a semester in this summer. I am taking Introduction to Coaching, Kinesiology, Global Citizens, and Fitness For Life. Ha Ha.

2. I am coaching a team called Utah Pegasus. We are 16 U team and I am really enjoying it. They are a great group of girls and I am learning a lot by coaching them. We are a really good team! We play in a Tuesday night league at SLCC and play tournaments not quite every weekend, but close. We just recently took 2nd in the state tournament.

3. When I am not coaching my team I am teaching lessons, which takes up the majority of my time. But it's good cuz it pays the bills and I LOVE doing it! :)

4. I am still living in Salt Lake in a house in Sugar House, but in August I am moving into a new condo just south of I-80 with 3 new roommates! I am excited for a new living adventure! :)